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Education curricula in Geneva (in French)

Geneva school vacations and public holidays (in French)

AGES 4 TO 12: PRIMARY SCHOOL – 1st and 2nd cycles

Brochure “Welcome to Primary School” (downloadable in multiple languages) with plenty of information about primary school in Geneva.

For more information: (in French only).

School attendance is compulsory for children aged 4 and over on July 31st.

Please note that for children who turn 4 after July 31st, no exceptions are possible. These children will be able to attend school the following year.

Your child will attend a school close to home. It is usually not possible to choose the school.

Children who do not speak French will benefit from an adaptation phase with intensive French language teaching. Children aged 4-6 are generally integrated directly into regular classes in 1P and 2P or even 3P.

Older children attend intensive French lessons on half-days and their future regular class on the other half-day.

This will be discussed and organized during the enrolment interview with the school management.

Almost all schools in Geneva offer lunchtime and after-school care. Supervision and activities are managed by the GIAP.

Roads near schools are secured by various means. Your child can walk to school, accompanied by other classmates, thanks to supervision organized by the Pedibus. (lien vers around the school)

Registration procedure :

After providing certain information, a registration meeting will be arranged with the school management. The child and parents must attend the appointment with the required documents. List of the required documents.

Additional information and list of the primary schools (in French)

The child will not be able to attend school until proof of health insurance affiliation has been provided.


Children aged 12 to 15 attend an orientation cycle for 3 years, from 9P to 11P.

Children are enrolled in streams corresponding to their grade level and academic choice. A change of orientation is possible via gateways.

For more information:

Registration for the orientation cycle is centralized:

Once registration has been approved at central level, the file will be forwarded to the management of the school your child will attend. They will contact you to organize an appointment to finalize the registration process.

Students who do not speak French attend full-time Welcome classes with intensive French courses together with the regular curricula.  Enrolment in Welcome Classes

Please note that many orientation cycle schools do not offer canteen facilities (school restaurant) or after-school care.

FROM 15 years old : POST-COMPULSORY SCHOOLING (web sites in French only)

High schools  

Vocational training

For non French speaking students

Other school programs

The sport-art-études (SAE)program enables talented young people to combine academic or professional training with high-level artistic or sporting activities.

Some native language and culture courses are proposed in collaboration with associations and consulates :

Special education (web site in French only) offers schooling and supervision adapted to the needs of students with disabilities, special educational needs and/or significant learning and development difficulties.

Parents’ associations :

Primary school parent associations

Cycle d’orientation parents’ associations

Parents association  (parenting)

Private schools

Geneva Association of Private Schools

Swiss Federation of Private Schools

Private tutoring : ARA

Educational counselling (In French, German and Italian)

Vaud Canton

Public system:

Education system in the Vaud Canton

Compulsory school (4-15 years old)

From age 15: High school (in a school) or vocational training (in a company)

Enrolment formalities

School holidays

Parents’ Association

Private system:

Vaud’s Association for private schools

Neighbouring France

School curriculum

Comparison of French and Swiss school curricula

Ain department (01) is part of the Académie de Lyon: Enrolment

The Haute-Savoie department (74) is part of the Académie de Grenoble: Enrolment

Directory of schools (public and private)

School holidays (select “zone A”)