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Leisure, sports and culture

Database of leisure activities and holiday camps (in French only): one tab for year-round activities and another for activities during the school holidays. One database for Geneva and another for the Canton of Vaud.

Wednesday activities in Geneva (in French only).

Holiday passport

Community centres and recreational centres offer activities for children and teenagers, and often welcome them on Wednesdays and during the holidays.

Libraries (in French only): free access and use for children, free activities.

Game libraries: free access, loan of games and toys with a card (CHF 30/year/family)


Sports disciplines and clubs (in French only)

City of Geneva sports schools (in French only)

Sports & disabilities

Ice rinks

Swimming pools

Sports centres and stadiums

Music / danse / theatre

La Haute Ecole de musique has a list of students offering private lessons.

Plastic arts

There is a very wide range of courses on offer, including many private courses (in French only) (in French only)

Museum offers (in French only)

In Carouge (in French only)


Botanical Garden Workshops (in French only)

ProNatura (in French only)

WWF’s Panda Club (in French only)


Amstramgram Theatre (in French only)

Puppet Theatre (in French only)

Théatre du Loup (in French only)

Meyrin’s Forum Theatre (in French only)

The Magic Lantern Cinema

Ideas for outings with children

Geneva’s Cultural Agenda

Leisure activities in French-speaking Switzerland

Swiss Tourism Office

Vaud Tourism Office

Jura and Three Lakes Tourism Office

Savoie Tourism Office

Ain Tourism Office (France)

Geneva and surrounding region

Museums (permanent exhibitions in the City of Geneva museums are free, temporary exhibitions are generally gree on the 1st Sunday of the month)

Beaches and water access/paddling pools

Play areas

ParksBois de la Bâtie

Sundays by foot (in French only)

Biking on Saturdays (in French only)

Signal de Bougy (Vaud)


Tortuga (France)

Les Aigles du Léman (France)

Vitam Parc (France)

Les Evaux

Andilly Park and Father Christmas’ House (France)

The Salève

A little further in Switzerland and France (some ideas)

Swissminiatur (Tessin)

Lucern’s Transport Museum

Bear Park (Bern)

Basel Zoo

Tinguely Museum (Basel)

Zurich Zoo

Servion Zoo (Vaud)

Zoo and swimming pool of the Marecottes (Valais)

Walibi (France)

Charlie Chaplin Museum (Vaud))

Aquaparc (Vaud)

Swiss Vapeur parc (Valais)

Labyrinthe (Valais)

Vallorbe Caves (Vaud)

Underground Lake of Saint Léonard

Bex Salt Mines (Vaud)

Sea of ice (France)

Aiguille du midi (France)

Pont-du-Diable Canyons (France)

Ballenberg (Bern)