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Social and community life

Doing voluntary work

City of Geneva

A vous de jouer (in french only)  

Organizations listing volunteer opportunities in Geneva :

Centre Genevois du volontariat

Geneva volunteering platform 

Information for associations (in french only)

Non-exhaustive list of charities in Geneva looking for volunteers:

Caritas Genève (in french only)

Protestant Social Centre 


Teaching French or other languages on a voluntary basis:

UOG – Uni populaire (in french only)

Getting involved in your neighbourhood 

To get involved in neighbourhood life, contact your local community center.

If you would like to take part in or initiate a Neighbours’ Day, you can find information on this link.

In general, volunteering can be found in many different fields (sports (in french only) / social, environmental, events and more), so don’t hesitate to contact these different organisations to get involved.