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Violence and harassment

If you have a conflict with your supervisor or a colleague, or if you are being harassed at the University, you can contact the relevant departments of the University depending on your status (student, employee, witness) on this page You can also contact a confidential trust unit, mediators, a violence prevention unit or a “psyline”, etc.

The University of Geneva has created a non-exhaustive list of resources/organisations available in the canton of Geneva, the canton of Vaud and neighbouring France, for any concerns you may have, depending on the field (addictions, anxiety, bereavement, families, LGBTIQ+, migration/poverty, elderly people, suicide risks, mental disorders, violence/harassment). Feel free to consult this list to find out more (in French only).

A table summarising the University’s resources is also available here.

You will also find a list of support available by area outside the University, prepared by the City of Geneva, here.