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Expecting a child and becoming a parent

Health insurance – Health

Specific rules for pregnant women for the health insurance 

Babies and children must consult a pediatrician.

A basic health insurance policy (LAMal, acronym for Loi sur l’Assurance MALadie) must be taken out for the baby within 3 months of birth. Some companies propose to subscribe a contract before the birth.

You are not obliged to insure your child with your own insurance company; you can choose another company.

You must add the accident option.

For children, it is better not to opt for a deductible.

The family doctor option entitles you to a discount on the insurance premium. In this case, you need to inform the insurance company of the name of the pediatrician who will be treating your baby.

Supplementary insurance may also be of interest.  Some companies offer discounts for families.

For more information, go to the Health insurance page.

Administrative formalities

Please note that each parent’s birth certificate is required for registration (unless the parents are married and Swiss nationals).

Make the necessary arrangements with the authorities in your place of birth or with your consulate BEFORE the birth to obtain these documents in good time!

Steps to acknowledge paternity (before or after birth)


Register your unborn child with all childcare facilities as soon as you are informed of the pregnancy.

Secondhand shopping for the baby

Sites like Facebook’s Marketplace or have replaced most second-hand stores, but there are still a few :

Some neighborhood associations or community centres organize sales. Clothing stores run by charity organization often have a children’s section.

Washable diaper service: