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Applying for Accommodation via a Régie/Real Estate Agency in Geneva

Having a complete application pack is crucial to get an apartment in Geneva. If you are missing certain documents, your application will be automatically disregarded.

Non-exhaustive list of the required documents:

If you have already received some documents from the OCPM (population and migration office in Geneva) or from the SEM (State Secretariat for Migration) about your visa application, it should do the trick.
Otherwise, you can ask your HR advisor at UNIGE to send you the form filled with the stamp of UNIGE on it. Please contact the Welcome Center if you need help.

Same here, if you do not have a work contract yet, ask your faculty to write a letter certifying your employment with mention of the salary.

This is a very Swiss document. It is not relevant for people arriving in Switzerland, but if you don’t have it, your application file will not even be considered.

Beware: the non-debt certificate should be less than three months old.

You can order one here. You will need to create an “e-demarche” simplified account:

(French website: make sure you order an extrait des “poursuites” and not “faillites”).

Please use your current official address even if it is abroad. Using a friend’ address in Switzerland will block the process.

Optional documents

We can also provide you with a support letter if needed (optional)
A support letter from your hierarchy will be a plus (optional)
A recommendation letter from your previous landlord or agency confirming that you were a perfect tenant is also a plus (optional).