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Compulsory accident insurance

Accident insurance is compulsory. The insurance covers medical treatment and daily allowances (to compensate for loss of income/salary), and, where applicable, a disability allowance, or even an injury, integrity, or survivor’s allowance in the event of death.

Occupational accidents, non-occupational accidents and professional illness are covered. In short, this compulsory insurance covers you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you are employed in Switzerland and work more than 8 hours a week, this insurance is taken out by your employer. The employer pays the premium for occupational accidents and illness.

Premiums for non-occupational accidents are generally paid by the employee (and deducted from salary).

In other cases, you must add the accident option to your compulsory health insurance contract, particularly for scholarship holders, children and for life partners in the midst of a professional transition who are not yet employed in Switzerland.

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