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Dog owners, consult the information :

From the City of Geneva: 

From the Canton of Geneva: (in French only)

Before you move 

1. Make sure your pet has:

  • A valid rabies vaccination (must have been done during the 1-year period – 21 days before your departure). 
  • An identification microchip (international system) – compulsory for dogs. 
  • A passport (vaccination and identification booklet)

2. Include your pet on the list of your “personal effects” for customs clearance. 

ATTENTION :  if your dog has had its ears or tail docked, you will need to take special steps before moving to Switzerland. This practice is strictly forbidden in Switzerland.  For more information click here.

ATTENTION: Geneva has strict rules concerning dogs considered potentially dangerous. Some breeds are banned, so if your dog is concerned, make sure you apply for a derogation before you come (in French only)

When you arrive

  • When you take out civil liability insurance for your accommodation, ask the insurance company to send you a “Certificate for dog owners” (this does not incur any additional costs).
  • Have a medallion made up with the dog’s name, your name, address and Swiss telephone number. 

Please note that you will need to collect this control mark every year.

Taxes : Dog owners pay an annual tax.

Large dogs

If your dog weighs more than 25kg and measures more than 56cm at the withers, you must take a TMC – Test de maîtrise de chien (Dog Handling Test).

Veterinarians in Geneva


There are various types of insurances to cover your pet’s medical expenses: (in French)

Public Transport and Dogs

Train (CFF) :

Geneva Public Transport (TPG) : Small animals may be transported free of charge in a basket or other suitably closed container. Other pets must be kept on a lead and travel at a reduced fare, with the exception of security service dogs on duty and guide dogs, which travel free of charge. (source TPG)