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Leisure for all the family (in french only)

Thermal baths

In Geneva : 

Bains de Cressy (in french only)

Bains bleu (in french only)

In Switzerland : 

Thermal baths

Year-round activities

Geneva Tourist Office

The city is yours (in french only)

Discover Geneva

Discover Switzerland

Swiss National day (in french only)  

Swiss general knowledge

Slowup (in french only) Cycle tour of Switzerland

Discounted activities (in french only)

Summer activities

List of public swimming pools

List of Geneva beaches / public access to water (in french only)

Bains des Pâquis

Pedalo hire : 

Les Corsaires

Marti Marine (in french only)

Geneva Federation of Sailing Clubs (in french only)

Winter activities

Christmas market

Ice rinks in Geneva

Escalade race

Ski Cern Club (in french only)

Find a selection of events and activities (in french only)